Whois Privacy Protection with TidBit5150 IT Services

WHOIS Privacy Protection is beyond dispute the perfect service for everyone who really wants to always keep his personal information non–public. Thanks to the Whois Privacy Protection service which is available from TidBit5150 IT Services, you can rest assured that the personal data will definitely be safe and that no person will ever look at it.
Simply by inserting a system email within your Whois contacts, we can filter all of the incoming e–mail messages and pass through solely essential notifications like transfer acceptance requests. By doing this, you simply will not be interrupted by spammers or people that want to breach your privacy.

Whois Privacy Protection–eligible TLDs

We’re not able to deliver Whois Privacy Protection for all domain names. That is the limit imposed by the entity accountable for administering the every specific TLD at the highest level. For this reason merely several domains are presently Whois Privacy Protection–eligible:
The supported TLDs are: .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .co, .co.za, .me, .tv & .cc.

SSL Certificates

Buy SSL certificates from your CP

Through the Domain Manager, you’ll also be able to enable an SSL certificate for your domain name. With an SSL certificate, all the delicate data that your customers submit through your website (via the order form, via a login form, and so on) will be enciphered and the sent data will never be affected.

To activate an SSL certificate for your domain name, simply fill in the necessary information and then hit the Activate button. You can request a traditional SSL certificate, which will be enabled for only one host, or a wildcard SSL certificate, which will be valid for all the hosts under your domain.

SSL Certificates

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