A live chat is a real-time way of communication between a website hosting provider's support team and its customers. It is an efficient method to receive some info about the hosting services or have some issue resolved since you're talking with a live representative. The advantages of using a live chat service instead of calling or opening a trouble ticket are the reduced chance of mistakes at the time you exchange info like usernames or domain names, the faster response time because the communication is real-time plus the fact that you don't need to stay on the chat constantly - you are able to do something different while the agent examines the issue in question. In addition, you will be able to connect with a live chat room from any computer which is connected to the world wide web, avoiding the telephone charges that you will need to pay if you are calling to a different country.
Live Chat Support in Hosting
Together with the phone and ticket support, our company provides live chat support as well. You will be able to get in touch with us every single day, which includes weekends and holidays, and we will give you more details about the hosting that we supply in case you are not among our customers yet, or about common and billing questions when you already have a user profile. Although for solely tech issues you have to open a ticket to the tech assistance team, because such matters need extra time to be dealt with, you can still get in touch with us on our live chat for some technical info. For example, we are able to help you set up an e-mail address in your email client or troubleshoot various problems, saving you considerable amount of time. Even when our phone lines are already off for the day, you will be able to talk with a live person.
Live Chat Support in Semi-dedicated Servers
We provide a live chat service that is accessible to all our prospective and current customers. In case you are searching for a new website hosting account, you are able to chat in real time to one of our representatives and receive more info about our semi-dedicated servers so that you can choose the perfect plan for your web sites. If you already own an account with us, we will be able to assist you in a very timely manner with general, billing and first-level techissues. Even though in some cases you will have to open a support ticket as there are troubles that can't be resolved through a live chat, we will be able to help you with lots of basic tasks, for example installing an e-mail account in an email client or forwarding one domain name to another one. Thus, you'll benefit from timely support and you will save many hours.